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The Certificate In Coffee Studies – This foundation modules provides you with the information needed to begin your coffee education.

As a new person in the industry, you will learn the essential skills to get you started in coffee  preparation, brewing & extraction, sensory and customer service.


This course will be delivered by Cheryl Lee, who has 20 years experience in coffee and consulting, still an active certified SCA Trainer and Certified World Coffee Events Judge since year 2015.

Our ambition for you:
1. Start strong with acquiring the right skill sets and competencies.
2. Accelerate your progress with effective training strategies.


Program Duration: 4 weeks

Theory: 50%

Practical: 50%

Up-coming in-take: On-going

Leaners per in-take: 6

Course Fee + SCA Certs: RM 4570

Certificate in Coffee

Get in touch with me for the enrolment.

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