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This program is specifically for those who already have experience working in the food and beverage / specialty coffee cafés. You can choose one or all the modules that meets your needs.

Up-skilling is for you who wants to learn additional skills to help you perform better in your current role.

Up-skilling is the best choice for;

• Barista who wants to sharpen your coffee making skills,

• Or for those who is looking forward to advance to senior barista roles,

• And even for you who are newly promoted to the managerial position because of your excellent commitment to work, and you want to excel in the new role.


Program Duration: 3 days

Theory: 50%

Practical: 50%

Up-coming in-take: On-going

Leaners per in-take: 1 to 1 sessions / group of 2 to 4 

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Get in touch with me for the enrolment.

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