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Sensory Workshop 12 May 2024

Sensory Workshop 12 May 2024


JOIN us for an immersive Sensory Workshop designed to elevate your

understanding of the 5 basic human senses and their profound impact

on your coffee experience!


Lead Trainer: CHERYL LEE


Workshop Highlights:

1. Sensory Science Introduction

2. Proficiency in using multiple cupping forms and techniques to

evaluate coffee attributes accurately.

3. Engaging Sensory Assessments and Activities


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is tailored for:

- Individuals who have already conquered the SCA Sensory

Intermediate Level and are hungry for more knowledge.

- Coffee enthusiasts actively involved in cupping and seeking to

expand their skill set for professional growth.

- barista or brewer with 6 months of experience, this workshop offers a

golden opportunity to deepen your sensory understanding.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Stay updated with current knowledge and incorporate up-to-date

information into your existing expertise, especially if you have passed

the SCA Sensory Intermediate Level.

2. Job-Relevant Skills:

Enhance your cupping assessment skills for immediate application in

your current role using multiple types of cupping forms. Preparedness

with the use of the new SCA CVA Forms.

3. Critical Tasting Skills:

Develop a heightened ability for critical tasting and discrimination of

various coffee attributes.

Hone the palate to detect subtle nuances in coffee flavors, aromas,

and textures.


Don't miss this chance to transform your coffee journey! Spaces are

limited, so secure your spot now.


Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, our

Sensory Workshop promises an unforgettable experience!

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