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SCA Diploma holders are recognized worldwide.  The world-class SCA Diploma Program empowers you with strong coffee education, understanding and application skills to prepare you for the opportunities ahead to build your career with confidence.

In this 32 weeks program, you will learn from the foundation levels then advance to the professional level for each coffee module. Your journey of accomplishment will begin with foundation, intermediate and finally professional level.

You will first begin with learning the essential skills to start your coffee journey focusing on the process from seed to cup. Gradually, advancing to intermediate levels where you will be trained to apply your knowledge in a real-world working environment.


In particular, diploma participants will learn:

• sophisticated tasting methodology and descriptive explanation of coffee flavors

• gain a detailed understanding of drink ingredients and the techniques available to maximize the quality of the drinks made

• understand how to manage the skills of others to produce quality drinks

• demonstrate an understanding of how to develop brew recipes

• demonstrate a systematic method of structuring beverage menus,

• be able to consistently apply the highest standard of latte art and milk steaming techniques

• and finally develop your supervisory skills.

An excellent coffee professional groomed through world-class coffee education, requires the essential leadership skills for a thriving career.


Train With Cheryl Lee, has always been a platform with a mission to help you reach your fullest potential in the world of coffee. When you enroll in the diploma program with us, you will also be trained on essential leadership skills.

If you aren’t aware of our 6 Guiding Principles yet, here it is. Know more about Cheryl Lee’s bio here



The leadership module is an external module offered to you, to give you a dynamic learning experience for you to excel, to thrive and to contribute to the industry which in return, you will achieve the success you have intended for.


These are a some of our leadership development goals, curated for you;

• mastering decision making, organizing & planning, supervisory skills

• develop lead by example leadership, managing emotional intelligence and provide constructive feedback.


When you put your mind and intentions at the right place, we can help you grow to your fullest potential.

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